👋 I'm Jasien, and welcome to Your Student Loan Repayment Calculator (or SLRC for short).

When I graduated in 2018 and logged into my SLC account and saw my balance, I couldn't believe what I saw. All this interest was being added, and I soon found myself asking the question, like most graduates:

Just how much will my student loan end up costing me?

immediately followed by the idea that I should try to pay my loan off as soon as possible to avoid all of this interest piling up.

I could find plenty of calculators on the internet which gave me some kind of breakdown of how much I might end up paying back, but they were all lacking in some way, as none of them:

  • Would let me factor in any voluntary contributions to see how they would affect the scale of repayments
  • Would let me get a breakdown for multiple loans
  • Would let me add future incomes if I had an idea as to how much I might earn in the future
  • Be applicable to graduates from across the UK, not just England & Wales
  • But most importantly, present a deep dive into the practical impact that my student loan will have on me

So, back in 2018 I embarked on a journey to create a site that delivered all those things, and much more. The main tool on this site is a comprehensive calculator, which, given a number of inputs tries to paint a picture of what your future of loan repayments might look like. You can play around with the different inputs to see how the scale of repayments might change. Accompanying this tool are articles which shed light on various aspects of the student finance system and student loan repayments for graduate UK and EU citizens who studied in the UK.

Hope you find it useful!


Think this site could be better? Let me know!

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